Manor Bespoke Gate

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Manor Bespoke Gate

Manor Bespoke Gate

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The Manor bespoke gates are impressive and imposing with tongue & groove match boarding which is ideal for security and privacy. The gates are constructed using strong mortice & tenon joints with superior section sizes. Manor driveway gates have water runoff features and a planned smooth finish. Made in Britain using sustainable timber that is certified by PEFC.

  • Wood Type: Iroko & Softwood
  • Finish: Supplied untreated ready for treatment
  • Widths: Up to 9? (2.74m) per gate.
  • Heights: Up to 8? (2.44m) per gate.
  • Automation: Suitable for automation with the addition of a heavy-duty rail (please consult a qualified installer)
  • Recommended Fittings: 30? two way adjustable hinges + Ring latch + Drop bolt & socket set (both gates if a pair)
  • Rebate: The closing edge of the gate can be rebated.

4 stile tops to choose from

Pointed Stile Top
Rounded Stile Top
Sculptured Stile Top
Weathered Stile Top

Recommended Post Sizes

Gate Width Gate Height Post Recommended
3'0" - 915mm 4'0" - 1220mm 7' x5" x 5" - 2.1m x 125mm x 125mm
  5'0" - 1525mm 8' x5" x 5" - 2.4m x 125mm x 125mm
  6'0" - 1830mm 9' x5" x 5" - 2.7m x 125mm x 125mm
4'0" - 1220mm 4'0" - 1220mm 7' x5" x 5" - 2.1m x 125mm x 125mm
  5'0" - 1525mm 8' x5" x 5" - 2.4m x 125mm x 125mm
  6'0" - 1830mm 9' x5" x 5" - 2.7m x 125mm x 125mm
5'0" - 1525mm 4'0" - 1220mm 7' x6" x 6" - 2.1m x 150mm x 150mm
  5'0" - 1525mm 8' x6" x 6" - 2.4m x 150mm x 150mm
  6'0" - 1830mm 9' x6" x 6" - 2.7m x 150mm x 150mm
6'0" - 1830mm to 9'0" - 2740mm 4'0" - 1220mm 7' x7" x 7" - 2.1m x 175mm x 175mm
  5'0" - 1525mm 8' x7" x 7" - 2.4m x 175mm x 175mm
  6'0" - 1830mm 9' x7" x 7" - 2.7m x 175mm x 175mm


Manor Driveway gates are manufactured here in the UK. We use modern technology as well as traditional, time-served joinery techniques. The softwood used in our joinery is slow-grown. Slow-grown softwood is denser and as a result, produces better-quality wood. Therefore a more durable gate. Redwood timber does have knots however, being slow grown this is a lot less than many other timbers.


Our Courtyard & Driveway gates are supplied pre-treated with 2 coats of preservative. They must be treated with Modern UV wood oil prior to installation following the treatment manufacturer's instructions.

Above all, Charlton's gates are designed to grace any driveway and are built to last.

Additional information

  • Availability: All sizes are made to order.
  • Special widths: Available to order.
  • Special heights: Available to order.
  • Hanging: Gates must be hung with the bracing raising up from the bottom of the stile.
  • Softwood: Joinery grade PEFC-certified sustainable timber.
  • Hardwood: Joinery grade Iroko sourced in line with EU Timber Regulation.
  • Manufacture: Made In Britain.
  • Recommended Treatment: Modern UV Wood Oil.
  • Water Run-Off Features: Built-in features that aid water runoff and impede water ingress.
  • Bracing: As the width of a gate increases there will be a minimum height restriction to ensure that gate integrity is maintained. This allows the bracing to fully support the gate.

Hot weather & wooden gates

Wooden gates are a natural product responding to the conditions that they are in, especially heat and humidity. In hot weather, wooden gates can twist especially if one side of the gate receives more sunlight than the other. Wood is a hygroscopic material, which means it naturally absorbs and gives off water to balance out with its surrounding environment. Twisting is likely to be caused by one side drying out more quickly than the other. It is also quite common for small splits (shakes & checks) to occur during drying. This is nature at work and should NOT be considered a fault. This is not normally detrimental to the gate's stability & structure and should rectify as temperatures cool.

For more information about the effects of hot weather & wooden gates, please visit our main gate manufacturer Chalton Gates to read the in-depth article.

Gate Guidelines and Advice

Gate Guidelines and Advice

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