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Unibolt/Thunderbolt M8 X 100


M8 x 100mm Hex Head Thunderbolt

  • The original and bestselling all-purpose anchor
  • Self-tapping and suitable for concrete, stone, brick, marble, wood and block
  • Safe anchorage achieved without the need of high tightening forces
  • Can be removed and re-fixed into the same hole, providing the thread is correctly aligned
  • No expon forces mean close to edge fixing and reduced centre spacing distances
  • Uses include fixing handrails, post supports, timber battens and satellite dishes
  • Can be used be general builders, fencing contractors, property developers and maintenance, shop fitters, plumbers and restoration contractors

Thunderbolt Used on Materials

M8 x 100mm Technical Information for Installation

  • Drill Bit Dia. - 8mm
  • Max Fixture Thickness - 60mm
  • Min Embed Depth - 40mm
  • Min Over Drill Depth - 15mm
  • Clearance Drill Bit Dia. - 10mm
  • Max Tightening Torque - 40Nm
  • Anchor Length - 100mm
  • Washer Size - 10mm
  • Driver Type - 15 A/F
  • Min Hole Depth - 55mm

Thunderbolt Installation Instructions

  1. Drill at right angles using drill bit of same diameter ensuring hole is slightly deeper than the Thunderbolt.
  2. Remove any loose dust from the hole.
  3. Screw in the Thunderbolt with a socket wrench. Apply slight downward pressure to stathe self-tapping action.
  4. Tighten the Thunderbolt until the fixture is in place. If resistance is experienced whilst tightening, unscrew on turn and re-tighten, ensure not to over tighten.
  5. For optimum performance, use a torque wrench. Do not exceed maximum tightening torque.

Thunderbolt Installation Instructions

Please Note, if an impact wrench is to be used as means of installation, it must be torque controlled and the maximum tightening torque must not be exceeded.

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