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Gate Frame 1.80m x 1.50m


Gate Frame 1.80m x 1.50m

Size - Height 1.80m, Width 1.50m. Gate and Gate Frames could have a variance in the finished height from the said dimension of 75mm/3".

Made from PAR Pressure treated timber.
Morticed joints, glued and nailed for extra strength.
Rebated face gives a flush finish when clad.

PLEASE NOTE - Our workshops can clad a gate frame for you in TGV, Featheredge, Overlap or Palisade finish. Go to our 'Garden Gate Range' section for ideas on style. Please contact your local branch for details including prices.

Hot weather & wooden gates

Wooden gates are a natural product responding to the conditions that they are in, especially heat and humidity. In hot weather, wooden gates can twist especially if one side of the gate receives more sunlight than the other. Wood is a hygroscopic material, which means it naturally absorbs and gives off water to balance out with its surrounding environment. Twisting is likely to be caused by one side drying out more quickly than the other. It is also quite common for small splits (shakes & checks) to occur during drying. This is nature at work and should NOT be considered a fault. This is not normally detrimental to the gate's stability & structure and should rectify as temperatures cool.

For more information about the effects of hot weather & wooden gates, please visit our main gate manufacturer Chalton Gates to read the in-depth article.

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