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Arris rails are an extremely important part of any garden fence. They provide a great deal of the fence’s structure, and make sure that it has the strength and support that it needs to perform reliably. If you fail to make use of the highest-quality arris rails, then you’ll probably find that your fence won’t last anywhere near as long as you expect it to.

What’s more, thanks to its unique shape, one of these rails can be a great way to add a bit of decoration to an otherwise empty garden fence. The back of your garden fence, which will often be facing the inside of your garden, can look empty without these features and really impact your garden’s overall design.

Why Should You Use Arris Rails?

Arris rails, which run horizontally along the back of your fence panels, are an essential part of providing real strength to your fencing. Thanks to their triangular nature, they not only look better than their alternatives, but are shaped to allow rainwater to fall off them. This is important when it comes to preventing water settling and causing damage to the wooden fence.

Not only are there ended versions available which can allow you to quickly and easily fit the rails into the post, but there are non-ended versions which can be attached via steel brackets. These steel brackets can not only be used to repair broken rails, but can add extra strength and a much-needed boost to any garden fencing.

As well as wooden posts, arris rails can be attached to concrete posts by using bolts to secure the connection.

Reinforce Your Garden Fence With Arris Rails From Challenge Fencing

At Challenge Fencing, we can provide a full range of ended and non-ended arris rails, designed to provide your garden fence with strength and stability. Thanks to these additional reinforcements, you can ensure that you fence will survive the effects of the weather, as well as providing additional security against potential intruders.

If you have any questions about fitting your arris rails, or you are unsure if they are worth installing on your fence, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your local branch of Challenge Fencing specialists today.

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